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JACD was Incorporated on April 2nd, 2010 after the tragic drowning of 12 month old twins Joshua and Christian DeMello. Our hope is that through spreading awareness and being able to financially help when needed we can help prevent similar events from happening. At JACD we strongly believe and recommend that every home with a pool needs to have a baby barrier (even if you don't have children yourself) along with the proper supervision at all times. We also promote swimming lessons at a very young age and CPR knowledge as a last resort just in case of an emergency situation.

Surprisingly 58% of parents report they don't consider drowning a risk to their children yet statistics show that a swimming pool is fourteen times more likely to be involved in the death of a child 1-4 years old then a motor vehicle. In fact while most parents worry about things like a hot stove, iron, sharp objects, a fall from tall surfaces, perhaps animals, or even a loaded gun in the house the most dangerous thing is something that is always around us in someway, water. And the worst part is we tend to never think anything of it. But whether it be the toilet, sink, bathtub, the pool, a puddle outside, a pot or pan there is a constant need to protect your child from being a victim. Please take the time to check out the information offered here as it could save a life!

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